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<< Great Lake sport fishing is based on Coho and Chinook. They have had a
pop. in the lakes for over 30 years. Also Steelhead (lake running Rainbow
Trout) ,Brown trout,and a few Pink salmon. Just think the DNR worries about
Round nose gobbies this must be the most messed up freshwater system in the
world. I just hate those pesky Browns and Rainbows in my Brook trout stream.
Catch and release for brooks eat the others! >>

Right on, neither of those fish belong in MI waters.You'd think that they'd
at least want to eradicate the brown trout; they're supposed not supposed to
be particularly palatable and they're harder to catch. And if the round goby
has the potential to compete with the young of game fishes like the yellow
perch I would think that the brown trout would equal or surpass them in this
respect. I'd like to get rid of the rainbows in this state too, but I kind of
doubt that we could any time soon; too many sport fisherman to keep happy.
Ditto for the salmon; they belong on their respective East and West coasts
but fisherman wouldn't stand for it. Brown trout at least should be
The DNR is right to fear round gobies; they're pushing out the sculpins
darters, and already endangered northern madtoms.The madtoms I'm kind of
surprised at; catfish are usually aggressive enough to hold their own. I know
that round gobies are aggressive and that is why they're pushing out the
sculpins and darters not to mention eating them. They take all of the prime
feeding and spawning grounds not to mention hiding places. The fact that they
can breed several times a year compared to our natives' one time a year and
the fact that they can hunt in total darkness are additional factors that
make them a big threat; one of the biggest threats MI's aquatic ecosystems
have had to face yet.

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