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<< this
friend thought it wise to seek protection prior to any problems, fearing that
members of spear fishing groups may want an impressive kill -- and since the
wolf-eels are sitting ducks. So, he wrote up a letter to fisheries (I helped
refine and edit it) asking that the taking of wolf-eels be prohibited based
on the
grounds that it would be inhumane to take an animal as beautiful and
trusting as a
wolf-eel. We were amazed that protection was granted. This may be a tactic
might work for other fish -- one that may actually work -- protection should
BEFORE the species is on the way out regardless of whether or not it is an
commercial commodity! >>

Excellent point. Unfortunately most governments seem like they wait until
species are endangered or threatened before they act. I am rather surprised
and delighted that protection was granted beforehand as a precaution. I
suspect that the fact that there wasn't any special interest group which had
a special interest in thwarting protection status for the wolf-eels helped a
lot. Therefore it may not work for many species. However based on this
success I would definitely give it a try! Better before than after.

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