RE: NANFA-- Humane Society for Fish

Mon, 31 Jan 2000 13:47:50 -0600

Other questions to ask; What are you going to do with the fish you get?
Adopt them out? Euthanize them? Sell them? You can't just sit on them until
they die of old age. Until some type of plan to permanently deal with the
fish, that are dropped off, is developed it's nearly impossible to proceed.
While I'd be interested in helping in some type of effort, these are just a
couple of the decisions that need to be made ahead of time. I'm also afraid
that this really isn't a viable solution. I was in an LFS last week and he
was selling Peacock Bass! These fish grow to 20 pounds or more! There are
very few people out there that have tanks large enough to house a fish of
this size. So in two or three years, what do you do with this huge fish? If
they drop it off at our little "Humane Society" what do we do with it?
Last, if we decide to give the fish away, what does that do to the local
LFS businesses? They can't be working on a large margin and if someone is
giving away their products, I don't see how they can survive. The big guys
will be ok, but the Mom & Pop LFS's would be in trouble. Just a little
Devil's adovcacy.


Shireen makes some interesting comments. Do others feel that we would be
swamped with unwanted fishes if we became known to the general public as a
disposal option? If that's true, maybe someone could open a shop that
specialized in that. The livestock would be free, and customers could be
enticed with the idea that they are helping the fish and the environment.
Maybe we should run a limited experiment - Get a few volunteers, do just a
little PR via free outlets, and see what kind of response we get.

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