Fri, 5 Jan 2001 15:41:02 EST

Well I am NOT sure here but I think you did NOT dig the hole with a shovel.
I would like to know how large a hole was dug with a shovel. but also by
other means if we are simply honest and say what we used. this comes out of
the idea in 5 BC they dug a big hole. hehe.

by the way. I filled in my hole and had a backhoe come in last summer and
dig a hole about 12 by 50 by 5 ft deep. but it is a mess because he did it
wrong and it need too much work to fix it with a shovel. so I will need
another machine to move the dirt again.

george arndt
harvard, mass

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<< Subj: Re: NANFA-- I DUG IT
Date: 1/5/01 2:02:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (R. W. Wolff)

Its all sand here, so digging is easier. The big pond is 14 X 33 roughly
( not a square) and six feet deep about. The addition is only 5 X 9 or so
and 2 feet deep. the original or killi pond is 9 X 15 feet and 33 inches
deep . I have a tractor I hauled the dirt with in a trailer. We also
loaded some of the sand in a pick up and filled a mudhole in a dirt drive
way elsewhere with it. I used the dirt around the yard to make the
landscaping more interesting.
Ray >>

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