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Scott Davis (
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 14:08:48 -0600

Hi James!

I know you addressed this to George, but I lurked upon it first. :)

Between me, thee and the fence post, the person excluded from the livebearer
list is a pretty capable aquarist when he wants to be. Also he has a lot of
life issues of his own to deal with. He has been booted off of one of the
killie lists once and the other three times. I had something to do with his
departure the last time around - i.e. pointing out that when he whined about
no access to killies or plants that he was within a two hour drive (from
Lansing, Illinois) of about 8 specialty and general clubs (including SWMAS)
who could offer what he wanted. I was also unkind enough to note that the
first time he been in the hobby that several people (myself included) had
helped him get set up with killies. When he got mad at the killie people, he
publicly (in the wee hours with the encouragement of Mr. Budweiser)
announced that he was flushing all of his killies. He then came back a year
later - after threatening the person of the AKA chairman and pulling stunts
like calling my house when he pretty nearly had to know I would be away at a
club auction - and demanded special consideration. That calling of my family
bothered me a lot.

I recognized his first livebearer post within a line. One can change their
alias, but personality, grammar and spelling sometimes come through very
quickly. For a change I entirely sat things out on that list (take a look at
their archives for the last couple of weeks) to see what would happen since
he holds me personally responsible for his troubles. He was excused from the
killinet and livebearers lists within a couple of days.

Those lists are very unlikely to send someone packing. They have their
squabbles and disagreements. But in his case, the legend continues.

Here is the livebearer list info. They have far fewer posts that the natives
people - in my limited experience among the most loquacious of fish people.
Some good material and chat and spam has happened on the livebearer list.

Livebearers - Founded in 1996, this mailing list is for discussion of all
livebearers. To subscribe to the Livebearers List send an e-mail message
with the word "subscribe" in the body (not subject) to For further information see their web page
at Aquaria Mailing Lists or contact list owner, Richard Sexton.

All the best!


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