Re: NANFA-- snow on iced over ponds

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 21:08:49 -0600

Too bad for your neighbors fish kill. That is the exact thing I experienced
last year in my killi pond. When I busted the ice open, up came a foul
smelling stew of black water and dead fish. All the plants survived, as did
snails, insects and crustaceans ( amphipods and gammurus- glass shrimp were
not so lucky).

My air line is working great. pumping warm air out of the house to the pond
has already turned a hole the size of a pencil into a 6 inch hole. The ice
may be even thinner than I thought. The leaf netting I had up appears to be
almost near the bottom of the layer. The leads me to think that the ice
formed, snow went on top, and then kept melting and slowly freezing
thickening the ice to current thickness. Once I find out if any fish
survived ( I don't think I missed any, but you never know) I will let
everyone know. The water was clear and I could see down the hole with a
flashlight that the bottom looked good and plants were still green. I
probably will remove the snow off the north end of the pond, since the south
end is shaded by the house and hedge row.


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