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Norman Edelen (
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:56:37 -0800

Hello All,

I was browsing the bookstore the other day when I saw a copy of a new book
in the Tankmaster series being published by Barron's. It is "An Essential
Guide to Choosing Your Cold Water Aquarium Fish." It does feature several
North American natives in it even though it is written by the Englishman
Nick Fletcher.

Fish from our side of the pond that are included are (in either text or
photographs): the spotted gar, alligator gar, the yellow perch, the
northern pike, the mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki and G. affinis),
bluehead chub, golden shiner, shiners (Notropis lutrensis), southern
redbelly dace, rosy red minnow, bluntnose minnow, pygmy sunfish, blue
spotted sunfish, diamond sunfish (Enneacanthus obesus), black-banded
sunfish, green sunfish, bluegill, pumpkinseed, black crappie, Cottus bairdi,
three-spined stickleback, rainbow darter, central mudminnow, eastern
mudminnow, dwarf topminnow (Heterandria formosa), and bowfin. (All names
above taken from the book.)

Of course there are some European and Asian species tossed in too, but the
majority of the species covered are ours. Pick this one up, and you will be
pleased. Nice photos and interesting coverage of our natives from an
English perspective.

The one thing that really amused me was the photo on page 64 that clearly
shows the rosy red, yet the text of the entire page is dedicated to the
medaka, Oryzias latipes! So, now who is the rosy red again?


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