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Hi FishFans!

The NANFA 2001 Raffle will most likely look like this:
[Ken Wintin]
I can bring aquatic plants, some of which are even native. A tentative lists would look like this:
Vallisneria sp (probably spiralis) gets up to 36 inches long and 1/2 inch wide ( I purchased this as V. americana)
Najas rigida(this is the species that I foolishly referred to as Charra in a previous message)
Several species of Rotala
Gobs-o-Vesicularia (Java moss)GREAT SPAWNING STUFF
Riccia fluitans (crystal wort that floats just under surface) GREAT SPAWNING STUFF
Sagittaria sp. this pup was collected in Arizona, but is probably an introduced species (S. subulata?)
*******Charra sp. IF I HAVE ENOUGH AT THE TIME (this stuff fluctuates radically in my tanks!)

There may be other species available at that time, but no promises.

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