Jay DeLong (
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:19:33 -0800

That's great-- way to go, Rick! Maybe the 2003 NANFA convention can be in
Massachusetts! Wouldn't it be great to have so much lead time :-)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

At 02:35 PM 1/14/01, you wrote: >Hey All, > > I would say it is safe to say that our first New England Regional >Meeting was a success! We had 14 people in attendance, 8 which were >NANFA members. We started off with introductions and coffee/snacks, we >then toured the nature center and it's museum. The nature center has a >bunch of aquariums, and the pond tank was definitely a hit, with natives >such as bullheads, golden shiners, several Lepomis species, banded >sunfish, perch, turtles, crayfish, frogs, etc. > > We watched the video about native fishes from VA Tech (Fishes: > Swimming >in Troubled Waters), the video was well received by all. We talked about >where the chapter wants to go as far as the region is concerned, and we >decided that meetings were definitely in order, some as meetings with >videos and speakers, as well as field trips. > > We set our next meeting for February 11th, at 1 PM, at the same >location, we will be lining up an agenda for that meeting. As expected, >most of us are hot and heavy to head out collecting, so we will be >planning something in the next month or so as spring nears and the ice >melts. We will be booking a cabin for the convention, and hopefully we >have enough to commit to it. We were happy to have in attendance two >local conservation commission agents, and a forestry department person, >as well as some with a general interest in fishes. Then there were the >NANFA members

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