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On the most basic level, my understanding is that most plants do not do
well over an undergravel filter (UGF).

I have been growing aquatic plants for forty years, and if there is
anything that I can be sure of it is that each person has to work out what
works best for them and the particular plants that they are working with.
I, personally don't have much success with UGF's , but many other people
grow the same species with UGFs and do just great. There are some basic
areas that have to be considered, though.
The first is substrate, as this thread is addressing. I like sand, not
gravel, so UGFs are out. I do well with no additives for some plants, but
have to use laterite, and other enhancers for some. You have to work it
out for yourself, and your water, and lighting situation.
The other areas of consideration, water quality and lighting, work
synergistically with the substrate, so you have a three way combination
with many possible permutations. As an example, I have found that some
plants do well in water and substrate that is normally terrible for them,
if they get plenty of CO2. Go figure!

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