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Sun, 21 Jan 2001 13:31:54 -0500

The problem
> with carbon is that is takes CO2 out of the water which is essential for

Why? How does that work??

> the only thing important? One thing to remember is that if you use high
> intensity full spectrum bulbs, you are adding all of the spectrum which
> introduces wavelenghths which are utilized more by blue green algae and
> therefore compete with the plants, especially if there are other
> to pollute the water. Using full spectrum bulbs only makes things look
> nicer to us, not the plants. Red wavelenghts are used more by plants
> blue. That is why good plant bulbs are a pinkish in color.

The experience of aquatic gardeners seems to be diametrically
opposite. The plant bulbs when used over aquaria promote algae
growth much more that a full-spectrum bulb.

In a healthy planted tank algae is not a problem because the
vascular plants outcompete the algae.

Martin, I don't know the mechanism by which carbon takes out CO2. I would
venture to say that it is by some sort of molecular sieving or by a
polarity issue.

We might be talking about different algaes. I was referring mostly to

The wonderful thing about aquariology is that everyone has a different way
of doing the same thing!

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