Re: NANFA-- American eel in TFH

Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:24:22 -0400

Moon asked:

>Hey Chris how do I get an eel out of my tank without tearing it down and
>emptying it?

I've never had to catch one; I just leave the top open and they crawl out for

Anyhow, a variation of Sajjad's soda-bottle idea should work, depending upon the
size of the eel. Bait it with a recently dead fish. Sink it into the aquarium at
lights out. Set your alarm clock for 2 or 3 in the morning. Then, without
disturbing the eel by suddenly turning the lights back on, retrieve the bottle
from the tank. With luck and patience, the eel should be in the bottle, happily
gorging on the dead fish. A bristleworm trap, like those used in reef tanks, may
work also (but I have no firsthand experience with these).

Eels are also attracted to flowing water. Set up a small hanging filter and
somehow rig it so that the eel doesn't get banged up by the impeller blades. As
an extra incentive, bait the filter box with a dead fish. Check it in the middle
of the night.

Good luck!


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