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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:46:12 -0500

> Is Myriophyllum brasiliense easy to grow in an aquarium? Does it require
> any special substrate or light intensity? If so, is there a Myriophyllum
> that grows easily under most conditions?
If you mean parrot's feather - it is easy but it usually reverts to the
above water form. When I used to grow it in my pond it would produce
submerged "milfoil" type foliage in the winter alot like the Mare's Tail
Hippuris vulgaris ; also a milfoil relative and a native plant (quite
rare in most areas too). In fact I decided I liked Mare's Tail better
when I found some in the water garden center at Lowes. I don't really
care for Parrot's feather anymore because it is very invasive - I always
tried to take over my pond. It might be a good candidate for a vegetable
filter where it could be confined to a small space and scrub nutrients
out of pond water.

As for spawning plants the Variable Milfoil - Myriophyllum heterophyllum
aka Red Foxtail is a better candidate. It has lots of fine leaves to
recieve spawn or shelter young fry and it st stays underwater- except
for a small spike of above water foliage and tiny flowers in midsummer
and it usually dosen't bloom in the aquarium.

The Eastern Milfoil - M. pinnatum = Green Foxtail of the trade is slso a
good candidate. There are others but many of these perfer cool waters
and are better suited for growing in outdoor ponds.

Jeff from Mt Pleasant PA

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