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Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:01:58 EST

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<< You ask some excellent questions, Ty. Another question would be about the
species requested. Several of them (e.g., orangethroat darter, banded
fantail darter) represent complexes of cryptic species, some of which are
undescribed. The orangethroat darter, for example, has been divided into 7
or so
different species. Therefore, what's an orangethroat darter in one drainage
systems and in one hobbyists's tanks will likely be different from the
orangethroat darter that's presumably being restocked. One has to be very
careful not to mix species. >>

I'm glad you brought these points up, Chris! This guy talked with us this
morning, and we brought up these same concerns. Pat talked to him and got the
impression that these things had never even been considered! We told him that
it would be very negligent, and should be criminal to go dumping fish "from
wherever they could get them" into this stream. It sure encourages me to hear
these same concerns expressed by NANFA members! Way to go!


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