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Jay DeLong (
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:34:55 -0800


>Yes, I to would love to see this succeed. If it can be done properly it would
>be a huge feather in the cap of NANFA. Lets make sure we do not alienate this
>guy or his organization and try to help him make the right decision. If the
>right decision turns out to be restocking his stream so much the better. If
>it doesn't then we have still fulfilled the aim of our group and helped
>someone understand the whys and why nots involved. I for one would enjoy
>seeing how this project work out, I have never heard of any one wanting to
>restock a stream with non-game fish before. Maybe it will set a precedent.

Good points. Several states and individuals have been doing this for the
past decade or so. Konrad Schmidt wrote an article on restocking the Knife
River in Minnesota with several species including redhorse suckers and
others. I think he collected them from nearby streams, and from the same
river downstream of a dam for transfer upstream of the dam from where
they'd disappeared.

Then of course there's CFI that has been returning darters, madtoms and
minnows to formerly polluted Tennessee streams at

Perhaps Nick Zarlinga or another Ohio member can share some information on
ODNR's reintroductions of pirate perch on Ohio.

This guy and his organization (if there is one) shouldn't be made to feel
stupid or criminal for trying to do good. I think it's a mistake to equate
reintroductions with preserving healthy wild populations and habitats,
though. Good information and advice will go a long way. But, as has been
shown on this list in the past, sometimes they don't go anywhere if the
person doesn't want to listen. I think Chuck Church has the best idea: to
write a science-based position paper that incorporates all aspects of the

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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