NANFA-- Minnow trap advice
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 17:20:42 EST

I would like to ask the nanfa members for advice on using a minnow trap.

many questions. like should I use a rope or light chain, how long 20 foot
long or longer or shorter. where to use the trap. in a wide river narrow
stream. in the middle or along the edge. how to attach to the shore. what
to do about attaching so lessen the chance that it will be taken by someone.
should we line up the trap in the direction of the water flow. is using it
better in a pond. in the shallow swampy part of a pond or the open deep
part. in the summer and winter. bait suggestions like dog food or cat food.
the dry kind or the canned food. if there is a bridge crossing the stream
should I drop it in the middle of the stream or along the edge.. or under
the bridge on the up stream or down stream side of the bridge. Should I
repeat at the same place every day or only one day per spot?

What kind of spots to look for that will not be disturbed by others.

Please also answer any questions that I did NOT ask. Hehe. ALL ADVICE

this will be my first time using a minnow trap or going out to catch some
natives. I have 2 traps. An older one that has a middle section and a
larger opening maybe 2 inches and a new one that is shorter with no middle
section and a small 1 inch opening. Is it a good idea to put a rock or brick
inside to keep it from moving in the water. Or the weight may break the
string. What about catching crayfish in the minnow trap.

Wow Good thing I joined NANFA. I am just now realizing that I have a lot to

Thanks for all the advice. If I get enough ideas I may try to write it all
up into an article and submit it to AC. who knows it might be nice to bring
all the info together. I can send it to everyone on this email list and have
it critiqued.

George Arndt
Harvard, MA

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