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mcclurg luke e (
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 19:14:40 -0600 (CST)

Minnow traps...I use them a lot.

I have found a nylon cord (black or brown) of about 50lb. test is
sufficient. Tie it to a submerged root or stick or something near the
shore where you can hide it well from "trap trolls" who come along and
liberate them from your possession. I find placing the trap in water no
deeper than the trap is high to be most effective, although I've had some
success with putting it in deeper water too. Put on the edge of the
current lengthwise to how the current is running. If you can place it in
an eddy just adajcent to the current that is a prime spot. Also in and
around vegetation and other cover, or along a submerged long in calm

I use a variety of baits. Liver, dog kibble, canned cat food with holes
punched int he lid and old bread. Dog kibble is my staple and I catch
most species with it.

Leave it set at LEAST a couple hours for best results and overnight if you
have a secure area. Most states require you to attach your name and
address on the trap some how and you must empty the trap after a specific
number of hours. Also, some states have different laws governing trap
uses so check you local laws. A fishing liscense is almost always

If you have any other questions I missed, don't hesitate to ask.

Luke McClurg

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