Re: NANFA-- Florida Flag Fish

Gupp (
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 21:43:16 -0700

I have some in a 10 gallon tank in the house and in a kiddie pool year
round outside (I'm in AZ so it's not that cold in the winter, but real
hot in the summer). I think I had started with a small group of fry,
I've had them for a couple years. Right now in the 10 there are 2 real
large males, 1 real large female (just turned out that way) and some
smaller fish of varying sizes, last time I cleaned some moss out of the
tank I pulled a few small fry and put them in a little 2 1/2. Mine breed
constantly, at least some of the fry make it. They are somewhat
aggressive but seem to do ok in a species tank. They have been really
shy for me though, which is a shame because they are really brightly



Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com wrote: > > I am thinking of getting one or two of these to put into a 20L I have set > up. The only other fish in the tank is a Slender Madtom. Will the FFF get > along with the Madtom? If yes,how many FFF would be comfortable in a 20L? > Any sex preferences? All Male? All Female? 1 to 2? 2 to 1? etc. > > Ty

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