Re: NANFA-- North Bama collecting

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 21:15:01 -0500

> > kept 3 orange-spotted sunfish, _Lepomis humilis_, and 5 _Fundulus
> > olivaceus_, the blackspotted topminnow. (I know that Martin is thinking
> > must be F. notatus; honest to poop, these guys are truly black-spotted
> > their dorsal surfaces.)
>Hey wait a minute, YOU were the one who insisted of the MS
>Fundulus, "Those are notatus!" (in your sig, yet), when I was
>certain they were olivaceous! Or maybe that was your point...?
>Jackson, MS

Just joshin' you... and me because I was confused at first. The damned fish
_didn't_ have spots at first in Jackson, and then they did when we all got
home. Alabama notatus and olivaceus have always been more upfront about
spots or not. I also have a group of euryzonus, the third member of this
species group, characterized by a _way_ heavy lateral band (and some
discrete spotting on some individuals...). _Fundulus_ species can be fun
this way, put your Species Concept to the test.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville "Fundulus City" Alabama

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