Re: NANFA-- Mean Fish

Mike Thennet (
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:21:25 -0500

Jeffrey Fullerton wrote:

> Native Fish Enthusiasts
> Mean as in Cyprinella class - in reference to my
> previous experience with the Cyprinid king of Nasty : the Satinfin
> Shiner: Cyprinella analostana which litterally beat the crap out of more
> delicate tank mates. Maybe they should be called "Satan Fins"! These
> fish are almost evil.

Tis true, I have seen a single adult male Satan-fin relentlessly harrass various
other cyprinids in tanks as large as a 55 gallon.

> I would be tempted to nominate the Eastern
> Starhead to the Topminnow monarchy of Nasty but it may very well have a
> close contender that is also a close relative : the Lined Topminnow - F.
> lineolatus. According to Mike Thennet who is working with stock he
> collected in southern Virginia "these fish are really mean"! They even
> proved problematic at getting along with conspecifics in his tanks!
> F. lineolatus is also a southern species that no doubt shares many of
> the pressures as F. escambiae. When you live in a jungle that is
> seething with life as opposed to a system where life is less abundant
> you have to be a fast mover and a go-getter to survive!

I cannot put more than three lineolatus in heavily planted 30 gallon tank. In the
wild, the male of the species supposedly controls areas of up to 8ft in diameter.
Since their foraging is mainly limited to the surface, they take up as much of the
upper water column as possible. In my aquariums, I have seen them harrass other
topwater species such as Gambusia to the point of exhaustion.


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