RE: NANFA-- RE: Captive fish

Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:01:45 -0600

Yes and no. If I take a fish for an aquarium, it is a one time deal. One
fish gone. If I am taking them for feeders I take more and I come back and
take again. A much larger impact to the fishery.


From the view point of "The Hard Mistress" that was discussed in the
"catching minners for fish food" thread, a fish removed is a fish removed.
To the ecosystem involved, there is no difference between a fish that is
eaten, kept alive, or used for fertilizer. Even if we save all humankind
by removing a fish, that doesn't change the fact that fish is gone from the
wild and cannot contribute to the gene pool, cannot eat bug larvae, or
anything else. It often comes down to a choice of the greater good
according to whoever is making the decision. I am not pooh, poohing the
taking of fish, but trying to look at things from a "biological" view
point. If it is OK to take fish for the aquarium, and I believe that it is
in most cases, then it is OK to take them for whatever reason.



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