RE: NANFA-- Helpful vs. harmful-how do we know?

Mon, 29 Jan 2001 16:15:35 -0600

I am not implying that anyone is raping and pillaging, either. I was simply
questioning what appears, to me, to be a conflict and trying to do so in a
non-threating way. I mean we talk all day long about how the little
fishies are endangered here or in trouble there and yet someone posts that
they saw a commercial hatchery harvest wild native fish simply for use as
feeders and no one questioned it. Yet, we asked tons of questions for the
guy that wanted to restock a river. Seems contradictory to me.

I think you read more into it then I meant. No gloom and doom warnings, or
political or philosophical implications where meant. Simply an honest


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It's a need for feed thing & the convenience or the thrill of the hunt
I'm not putting anyone down, and I think that it is great that we all
air our views, but if I took even a little of what has been said on this
and related threads seriously, I would probably be hiding in a closet,
contemplating suicide.
Let's all relax and take a deep breath. We all care about the environment
(I hope!), and obviously give considerable thought to the ramifications of
our actions, so I seriously doubt that any of us will be out there raping
and pillaging.
Hugs, and All That,

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