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Tue, 30 Jan 2001 00:03:18 EST

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<< Anybody out there raise red worms to feed their fish?
What do you keep them in and what do you feed them?
Do you keep them inside your house(and what does your
wife think)? >>

Gary, I haven't raised redworms per se, but have been raising regular ol'
earthworms in 3/4 of a 55-gallon plastic barrel in my basement. The 3/4
ratio is because a half barrel they can crawl out of, but the 3/4 curves up
and over where gravity does its trick to keep them in. I lined the bottom
with moss, placed about 6" of sandy-loam on top of that and then placed about
10" of plant debris that has been washed up on the shore of a resevoir and
pounded by the surf to the point of being pulverized, black, rich earthy
smelling 'almost dirt'. I keep it damp, but not soaked. This is the first
year I've raised them this way after several years of raising them in outdoor
played-out freezers that either froze in the winter or allowed escapees in
spring/summer. They seem to be doing well and are staying nice & plump.

Bruce Scott

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