Re: NANFA-- Snakes in the Dorm!

Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:25:52 -0600

Cool stuff Jeff. I was also in the AF from 1979 - 1992. From 1979 - 1984 I
was stationed at Beale AFB in northern California. I lived in the dorms for
a short time and while I was there I had a Cockatiel <sic> and the guy down
the hall had an Alligator. It was fairly small maybe 12" or so. He kept it
in a very large homemade tank. Probably illegal as heck, but is sure was

BTW, what is it with First Sergeants? I only had one good one the whole
time I was in. Ok, maybe 2. But for a guy that's supposed to be your
advocate they sure picked some SOB's.


That brings back memories.

I've kept just about anything you could keep while in the USAF from 1986
thru 1993. Fish, amphibians, and reptiles (no venomous or giant
constrictors). Generally the rules and the willingness to enforce them
varied from place to place and aquariums were allowed up to a certain
capacity. At March AFB (SAC) in California they allowed small birds and
for the most part turned a blind eye to reptiles in aquaria. Most stuff
would just disappear a few day when we were having a special like
command level inspection - the First Shirt would say - get rid of your
rabbits and snakes and whatever else you have and we would.

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