Re: NANFA-- Christmas Goodies, Car Adapters
Wed, 2 Jan 2002 15:36:23 EST

hey mark...
ive often thought of these 12 volt coolers. i will watch and listen on your
experience and wish you success.
as for the current flow... i do not expect it to hurt your auto electrical
system any... it was designed for your/any 12 volt auto system. the only
concern would be draining the battery. but i believe they pull very little

a lot of these type coolers ive studied cannot hold water. the heat exchange
unit w/ its fan is in direct contact with the cooler chamber. thus water
immersion or sloshing may be detrimental or failure.

another question is how fast can they cool down. ?

good luck... if you are successful it would make a great artical for ac...
also if someone could successfully convert a dorm frig to a aquarium chiller
would be cool to. still the best system ive seen is pat johnsons.

btw... in a new mag or catalog i have a $100. chiller is advertized. it seems
to require poking thru the underside of a tank... thus protruding into the
tank itself. one would have to drill for a bulkhead and snug leakproof
install. the 5" tall element sits atop a base and heat exchange unit. my
thoughts on this are not only is drilling a tank a problem but heat rises
warming the underside of the tank and would counter effect the cold element
in the tank itself. a bit awkward.

good luck!
merry christmas

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