Re: NANFA-- Chillers and Coolers

geoff kimber (
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 19:43:22 -0500


as others have stated, it should be ok because its designed to work with
your car.

to be certain, check the amps the device draws and compare it to the car's
fuse for the cigarette lighter. Most of these devices that I have seen draw
about 10 amps. Your cigarette lighter can usually handle 15-20 amps

These devices run on peltier pumps and I have considered seriously buying
one from a surplus store and attaching it to a hang on the tank filter and
use it as a chiller. A 50-watt peltier pump runs about $15. I have been
told by somone who understood this stuff that 50 watts = 1/7 horsepower.
The main drawback is that 12 volt power supplies that produce 10 amps cost
about $100 _at_ radio shack. Since I'm not all that certain of that this would
be enough to seriously cool a larger tank, I'm kind of hesitant to toss out
that kind of money.

Geoff Kimber

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