Re: NANFA-- atlanta's new aquarium

Steven A. Ellis (
Sun, 13 Jan 2002 21:52:26 -0500

Hee, hee! I'm sorta' glad I was this tardy attending to my email, GillMan.
Now I can wait until Rob (The Texas Ranger) Denkhaus gets through with you,
and I'll take what's left. As for the GA Aquarium thing, it's really sad to
see an old standby threatened by new competition, but that's the way of
things. (Folks, this is what happens to rabid snorkelers in the off
season.) You might want to withhold criticism until the thing is built.
After all, since you were already thrown out of the TN Aquarium for
snorkeling illegally in the MS River habitat, you may need a new place to
hang out. (-:

Idiotic ideas about water flow DO abound in GA, however. Last year they had
me alarmed with the brilliant idea of pumping water from Lake Allatoona to
Lake Lanier to save the latter. It came to nothing as I suspect these
current ideas will also. What those outside the state may not know (as
Bruce alluded to) is that Atlanta is the problem with it's unplanned and
unchecked growth. The race and the funding for the necessary infrastructure
is an exercise in futility, complicated by corrupt city government. The
regime that was just replaced was among the worst in the city's illustrious
history. Along with help from some at the state level most of these water
grabs (especially those that impact neighboring states) are really smoke
screens to buy time to deal with the federal court order to clean up the
water. Despite the claims of the outgoing Mayor, few substantial moves have
been made in that direction, especially as it pertains to the Chattahoochee
River. Having the state capitol in Atlanta makes it all too convenient
(IMHO) to influence politicians at the state level.

So, my friend, the greater danger is that everything between here and
Chattanooga will one day become Greater Atlanta as every bit of water in
the state (and other states) is sucked up to support it. In the end, the
water in the new GA Aquarium may become the cleanest water in GA.

Now, go fill up the bathtub, put on your mask and snorkel, and submerge
until the tremors subside. (-:

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

At 01:07 PM 1/12/02 -0500, you wrote:
>yea... im a pullin yer leg(s) just a bit and im trying to get stevi's goat
>up. :)
>but there is truth to it. diverting tn water to the conasauga basin is to be
>studied well w/ much much care.
>i probably would not mind tn folks setting up a water treatment plant to sell
>atlanta and n georgia all the clean treated water they want. :)
>the talk of redirection of waterflow reminds me of the tombigbee fiasco.
>perhaps someone w/ more knowledge would like to remind us of that.
>on another note i believe the tn aquarium's stratagy will be to not only
>continue their leadership in enjoyment and appreciation of regional and world
>aquatic species but in further enhanced activities of education, conservation
>and preservation. im very proud of this.... and i aint pullin yer leg!

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