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Dave Neely (
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 08:59:24 -0600


>How many of you seine by yourselves? What do you recommend for gear (net
>size) and/or technique?
>I see from the NANFA website the 1978 Apr-June issue of AC had a article by
>Jim Pitts called "Seining Without a Partner: How to Make the Task
>Easier". Does anyone have a copy of that article they could send me?

A lot depends on how big you are. Another grad student here is 6'4",
ex-football player, and solo collects with a 10x4' seine without problem.
I'm 5'10, and my preference is a 6'x4' for solo work. It's small enough that
I can hold the brails out away from my body without the net bagging up and
tripping me.

In riffles, I usually work downstream- start at the top, and "cast" the
bottom of the seine into position below you, then kick downstream into the
net. If you can angle the brails downstream and hold them at the very top,
you get the best leverage. This gets more important in deeper, faster

In pools, you can just haul the seine, either pulling it behind you (good
way to get Ammocrypta- drag your feet in the sand and flush them out), or
hold it out in front of you. A lot of time, I'll work the seine up against
the bank, encircling a root-wad or other cover item. You then slap the
brails down several times, hitting the debris and working closer to the
mouth of the seine each time, to flush fish that were hiding under the cover
into the net. Very effective. Good luck, and have fun... of course, it's
always more fun with someone else there to share with.


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