Re: NANFA-- Osmoregulation in freshwater sharks

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sun, 20 Jan 2002 14:39:02 -0500

One book that I would add to Dave's excellent list is "The Life of Sharks"
by Paul Budker on Columbia University Press from the 1970s. It's an attempt
to popularize some of the scientific literature and reads well even it's
slightly dated. He devotes a chapter to discussing freshwater sharks.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>I do not know if this is what you are looking for, but here is a list of
>references on osmoregulation in Elasmobranchs (sorry about the problems
>the formatting).
>Hope this helps
>Good luck
> Elasmobranch Osmoregulation
>BURGER, J. W., AND W. N. HESS. 1960. Function of the rectal gland in
> the spiny dogfish. Science. 131:67U-671.
>CHAN, D. K. 0., AND T. M. WONG. 1977a. Physiological adjustments to
> dilution of the external medium in the lip shark, Hemiscyllium
> plagiosum (Bennett). I. Size of body compartments and osmolyte
> composition. J. Exp. Zool. 200:71-84.
> --- 1977b. Physiological adjustments to dilution of the external
> medium in the lip shark, Hemiscyllium plagiosum (Bennett). Ill.
> Oxygen consumption and metabolic rates. J. Exp. Zool. 200:91-102.
>DOOLITTLE, R. F., C. THOMAS, AND W. STONE Jr. 1960. Osmotic pressure
> and aqueous humor formation in dogfish. Science. 132:36-37.
> 1973. Serum composition of freshwater stingrays (potamotrygonidae)
> adapted to fresh and dilute sea water. Blol. Bull. 144:304-320.
>HAYWOOD, G. P.(2OO0) A preliminary investigation into the roles played
> by the rectal gland and kidneys in the osmoregulatIon of the
> striped dogfish Poroderma africanus. J. Exp. Zool. 193:167-176.
>KIDDER, G. W., III. 1991. Effects of luminal osmolarity on gastric
> acid secretion in the little skate, Raja erinacea. J. Comp.
>Physiol. B. 161:323-326.
>OGURI, M. 1964. Rectal gland of marine and fresh-water sharks:
> comparative histology. Science. 144:1151-1152.
> 1988. Neural control of shark rectal gland. Amer. J. Physiol. 255:
>THORSON, T. B. 1962. Partitioning of body fluids in the Lake Nicaragua
> shark and three marine sharks. Science. 138:688-690.
>THORSON, T. B., C. M. COWAN, AND D. E. WATSON. 1967. Potamotrygon
> spp.: elasmobranchs with low urea content. Science. 158:375-377
>URIST, M. R. 1961. Calcium and phosphorus in the blood and skeleton of
> the elasmobranchiI. Endocrinol. 69:778 -801.
> ---. 1962. Calcium and other ions on blood and skeleton of Nicaragua
> fresh-water shark. Science. 137:984-986.
>WONG, T. M., AND D. K. 0. CHAN. 1977. Physiological adjustments to
> dilution of the external medium in the lip shark, Hemicyllium
>(Bennett). II. Branchial, renal and rectal gland
> function. J. Exp. Zool. 200:85- 96.
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>elasmobranches. 365-377
>Sharks, Skates and Rays. 1967. Gilbert, P.W., Mathewson, R.F., Rall, D.P.
>editors. Part II: Osmoregulation, Salt & Water Metabolism. 12 papers
>Shuttleworth, T.J. ed. 1988. Phsiology of Elasmobranchs. Chapter 6 & 7.

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