Re: NANFA-- crayfish in aquaria

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:36:57 -0600

Try for smaller species, but not ones that would be lunch for fish in the
tank. A nice specie found in the marsh here in Wisconsin, and I think many
states in the area, is a mottled species we call a rice crawfish, but I
think its correct common name is the papershell. They eat mostly decaying
plant matter and algaes, but will feed on live rice plant shoots. Any
sinking pelleted foods they will all gobble up with a passion. As far as I
have seen all species are scavengers when the oppurtunity arises, plant or
animal matter, so feeding is not a problem. The only specie I have seen get
nasty with fish is the rusty, but a pack of perch in the biology class
aquarium took it out. Everyone hated my perch until then, then they needed
some respect, since that bugger took out a bass and a walleye. That was
before all the size limits on those fish.
Most species will bury under a solid object in the gravel, so if some caves
are made that will keep them happy and not moving to much substrate.
Fascinating creatures.
Good luck with them.

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