Re: NANFA-- FL trip pictorial

Roselawn Museum (
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:54:16 -0500

Hi Ray

If you think it could be made road worthy behind a motorcycle, I'd like to
see the plans. My son is reasonbly gifted at making gadgets. As for looking
odd, genetics appears to have taken care of that already. (-:

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

>Before I had my drivers license I had turned my ten speed into a serious
>moutain bike. Luckily the town dump was down the road and I had endless
>supply of bike parts. I then constructed a hitch out of heavy duty rack that
>just sits over the rear tire of the bike. To this I attached a 2 foot by 2
>foot by four foot trailer made mostly of 2X4s and plywood and two large
>floation bike tires. It worked amazingly well, the trailer itself probably
>weighed 50 pounds. Empty I didn't even feel it behind the bike. I could load
>it with fire wood and pedal up ditch banks with four inchs of snow. I guess
>it helped I had really good gearing, I could pedal through water up to the
>top bar on the frame with no trailer. But once on pavement I could get the
>load moving along just fine. Long hills were a bit rough, and stopping could
>be hard. If anyone is interested ( and doesnt care to look a bit odd) I can
>send detailed instructions to build the magic trailer.

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