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William Allen jr. (
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 21:39:34 -0600

I'ver kept these guys for a whiole, i even catch them and sell them as
feeders to a LFS, Doug's comments are "right-on" with my experience.

Bill Allen
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>>> Thursday, January 24, 2002 12:48:34 AM >>>
>> I think I missed the specifics, but Steven got shrimp in addition to the
>> fish while in FL? What are these (if you know)? And to Casper, what
>> are the shrimp you keep with your least killifish? Are they (or at
>> related to) ghost shrimp that one can find at the LFS? (I know that
>> a name like "ghost shrimp" doesn't help much, but maybe it is
>> consistently used for the same shrimp) I've wanted to put some ghost
>> shrimp in with my least killies, but haven't yet because they are so
>> that I wasn't sure they would mix well with the shrimp (I can't recall,
>> seems they do have tiny pincers, but maybe too small...that's why I
>> Would they do OK in a tank of least killies?