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Denkhaus, Robert (DenkhaR_at_Ci.Fort-Worth.TX.US)
Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:28:01 -0600

While Jay and Bill are enjoying reliving their past glory of giving
teachers a hard time and making them earn their minimum wage (and Bill, you
ARE a teacher....shame on you!), I would like to say that I am doing my best
to pass the tradition on to my children. My oldest daughter came home from
school one day last year claiming to be "bored" in class. I told her how I
used to play a game in class that I called "Stump the Teacher". No matter
what the topic, try to ask the absolute most difficult questions that you
can possibly ask. The student wins the game if the teacher takes them aside
and asks them to ask their questions privately and not in front of the
class. My daughter won in science class last week after asking about the
ecological significance of parasites...she's in the 5th grade!!

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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From: Jay DeLong
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> I got into a big argument with my 5th grade teacher 40 years ago.
> she didn't believe that they shed their skin. When a shell appeared in
> tank holding the 2 specimens I had put in the classroom fishtank, she
> thought that one had eaten the other. I told her that one doubtless
> escaped and the other shed its skin. I hated it when people thought
> knew more about stuff like that than I did. I still do.
> I had a lot of problems in 5th grade.

I remember telling my teacher that contrary to what he said, spiders
insects. 6th grade I think. Then there was the one that said that a
way to
tell mammals from birds is that birds can fly. I said if that's true
got hairy birds with mammary glands flying around my street light at
eating insects.

I don't envy teachers having to deal with little shits like I was.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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