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Mon, 28 Jan 2002 22:13:23 -0500

Hello, everyone. I am in High School and am now in a Biology
Class. My teacher LOVES animals! I've asked him if I could set up an
aquarium in the classroom with native fish in it and he said I'm more than
welcome to. I've read up on all the native fish keeping articles, and I've
decided to hopefully get a 20-gallon long tank with an undergravel filter,
power filter, and air stones for oxygenation. I'm hoping to put a variety
of fish in it, but I know 20-gallons isn't alot of space. Anyone have any
comments or helpful hints? I am experienced with keeping native fish and am
in the process of completely re-doing my 29-gallon tank. I am hoping to get
another tank soon. Also, me and my friend were walking in his woods today,
and we stumbled upon a pond that had accidently formed, due to uprooted
trees in the area. We've decided to take advantage of this opportunity and
add a few fish to it. First, we must make sure it doesn't completely dry up
(don't think it will) and see if it will have enough water for the winter to
NOT completely freeze over. It has been about 70 degrees farenheight and
the nearby ponds were rather warm. I'm hoping to go fishing tommorrow...


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