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Crail, Todd (
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 13:53:45 -0500

Thanks Ray :) We've got some exciting stuff coming down the pipe here.

It would be very very very simple to make a printable catalog of all entries
that could just be print from your internet browser. This way anyone with web
access can pass it along to anyone who needs it. We could do a more formal
print as well. That's the beauty of having it as real data instead of
hypertext, pdf or only on paper. I can export it to pretty much anything :)

Some other things to get excited about... Jim Barbour has put together an
online, form driven "Collection Report Site" where you can just come home from
a day on the water, put in your text, add some images, etc etc and not have to
know a lick of html to get your information and photos up on the web. If you
can type, you can post it :) I recently moved my site, we're working out the
bugs with the data services, but this weekend should prove fruitful now that
the holidaze is over in getting his app working on my server and getting it
thru QA so you all can be using it while you do all this extreme collecting
this winter :)

I will also be finalizing and QA an application that will take the Breeder
Awards Program online. Same principal, all form driven... If you spawned some
fish and can type, you can submit the information (which will begin a
collection of spawning data :) and also have awards passed out for the year at
the Convention (or in the mail). It looks like Bob Muller (the program's
creator and chair) is going to allow us to retrofit past spawnings into this
program as well. I'm not exactly sure how that will be distributed (this will
be part of our QA) as for awards, but if anything, having all that information
in one place is great news for our niche in the hobby.

How cool would it be to have grad students researching spawn methods on the
NANFA website? :)

So hang in there with us... The future is looking very bright :)

If there are other developers out there in email land, and you'd like to
volunteer some time to writing an application that you would see as
beneficial, don't be shy about dropping me a line. I'm running a basic
Microsoft Webserver setup with SQL Server, sorry I'm not a UNIX/LINNUX/Open
Source kind of geek :)

On into the stream... And beyond!

(yes that was seriously cheesy, but I couldn't resist ;)

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The web page is a great Idea. If and when it gets running a hard copy
could be printed in the AC, possibly, or a seperate newletter to get in
those who do not have computer access?

If you do this, that would be great. Your current web site is easy to get
around and find stuff on, so what your doing is excellent.

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