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Oh no! I come in peace! I was just modifying the line from book/movie "The Princess" Bride about the ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size) and one might be sure to note, that the "AGHHHHGHGH" was Wesley getting attacked by a ROUS! There was no dismisal intended in this writing, nor even skepticism... It was a misguided attempt at humor! :)

Todd "Glad he checked his email before this got out of hand" Crail :)
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Todd, there are quite a few closet cryptozoologists here. I own the classic sea serpent book by heuvelmans, plus a popular book by
Roy Mackal. Both a fascinating reading, and although I maintain a healthy skepticism of claims of mystery animals, I prefer not to
dismiss them out of hand.

No less a personage than Jan Hoover finds the subject interesting as well :-)

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> > "SOUS? Salamanders of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
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> So you think cryptozoology is a joke? Wait until I get my T-rex
> trained to kill on command!
> Moon

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