NANFA-- RE: Cold Weather Collecting

Bob Sinclair (
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 12:03:46 -0800

It's tough going here in the Santa Barbara vicinity, too.
It's wintertime, but I decided to do a bit of collecting just
this past weekend.

The water must have been way down around 55-600 F.
Near froze my ass off. Couldn't stay in it for very long... :-)

Santa Barbara CA

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>Subject: NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1508
I live in a little town just south of Indianapolis called
Mooresville. As far as collecting in the
cold I do not mind. Just let me know when it is cold . It would be
interesting to see what you can
catch during the cooler months.

Bill Flowers

>Wow! I didn't think so many people would be interested in seining the
>Kankakee. Bill Flowers that one post was for you,I accidentally Wrote
>jeremy instead of your name. Where do you live and are you interested in
>collecting in cold weather? Unce Scott thanks for the tip on the
>book, I just ordered it from amazon-$28 and free shipping. I didn't know
>Illinois was so picky about keeping fish for aquariums . I think you're
>right about tributaries better to seine. Jeremy Tiemann said there's a
>good possibility he could go next saturday, which would work out great
>for me, I'll let you know. Make plans for spring?
>Bill Veenstra
>Lowell IN

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