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unclescott (
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 23:37:30 -0600

One advantage using Spaths or other emergent plants is that they have direct
contact with atmospheric air. Diana Walstad, in her Ecology of the Planted
Aquarium celebrated "The Aerial Advantage" where plants reaching into the
atmosphere have far greater access to CO2 and Oxygen. Light also is not
diminished by the water and whatever is in it. Faster growth, healthier
plants and faster root activity are beneficial to the fish. Kind of an "in
house" - or for the bowls - an "in closet" plant filter.

Be careful not to cook Spaths by giving them too much direct sunlight. They
really do ok with diffuse light. I discovered to my dismay that one
shouldn't just pull them (or probably any other indoor plant) out of the
house and put them in bright conditions. They came back but why give them a
difficult time?

All the best,


> A fad has kinda swept the hospital where I work. These glass vases with
> hydroponically grown plants- usually spathiphyllum (Peace Lilies) in a
> small pot filled with marbles and the roots dangling into the water. Who
> could ever have imagined the perfect mini- habitat for Betta splendens.
> Certainly beats keeping the poor things in pint sized bowls!
> I'm amazed someone did not come up with this idea much sooner....
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