Re: NANFA-- Small Fish Tanks

Ty Hall (
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 13:29:07 -0600

I'm not looking to advertise but, All Glass Aquariums has recently come out with a line of Mini-Bow aquariums in both 2.5gal and 5gal. They are ideal for keeping small fish. They are complete and have a built in filter and light. I retail them in my shop for $29.99 and $59.99 respectively. I'm sure you can find them in your area for similar prices. As an added bonus the 2.5gal comes with a divider so you can keep two Bettas in the same tank. I think they are a better way to go then the Betta Vases and they look nice to. They use a mechanical filter but in my mind are perfect for Dwarf Sunfish, Killies or any other small fish. Eclipse has a similar line, but they are a little more expensive.


"Crail, Todd" wrote:

> I'm not a real big fan of the "betta bottles" for the generally misinformed public myself, but I've been watching some pico-tanks that use more efficient plants as filters (java moss, water sprite, hygro) and sufficient lighting to keep them rockin.

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