Re: NANFA-- willows and maybe cattails
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 17:44:46 EST

In a message dated 1/7/03 5:15:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I'm surprised that the consensus on the palatability of stonerollers is so
> negative. In the eastern Tennessee hill counties like Washington and
> Johnson, the local people usually consider stoneroller to be good and
> bitterly resent trout stocking programs because they view trout as inferior
> to stoneroller. They call stonerollers "hornyhead" because of the nuptial
> males' appearance. Of course, they prefer to eat large individuals, and the
> fish come from cold, clear highland streams.

this may be quite true. in knowing the eating, grazing, muck sucking ways of
the stonerollers... when they are collected from clear mountain streams as
opposed to urbanized streams ... i bet they do have a major taste
improvement... much like catfish. my samples came from downtown chattanooga.
however bruce's local folk may have been actually talking about river
chubbs... also called horneyheads and much larger and have much better eating
habits. i bet they do taste good.
on another hunt im still out to get a redhorse w/ my speargun. im afraid they
might tell their buddies tho and ruin the good karma i incur while visiting
their habitat.

i plan on having a fish fry of my pond inhabitants this spring to cull out
the predators. crappie, channel cats, redbreast sunfish and maybe thin out
the golden shiners too. i will catch them if someone will clean them :) we
could have a taste test seminar.

i would like to host some kind of spring event for our region but it seems
like the agenda is already full w/ okeefenokee, ozarks, florida and the early
huntsville annual.
maybe we could do a fish fry at blue fish ridge tho i still have a situation
that prevents me from committing to any a outing or trip for a while.
speaking of unusual eats... the buffet spread that bg, bessie, matin and kay
put before us back in jackson... now that was some fine eating!!!! genuine,
diverse and full of mystery. :)
im urging bruce to find some kind of country catfish cooking women to fix us
some native eats in huntsville. that would sure be nice! just find one of
those country fish fry affairs and talk to the cooks! :) sometimes churchs do
fish frys as a fund raiser... keep your eyes out bruce. they should be able
to cook us a big mess of fish and could use the earnings for the lord's work.
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