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Please note that nonprofit conservation organizations, as well as

international organizations, are eligible for these funds. DEADLINE 3 March



NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Office of Habitat Conservation / NOAA Restoration Center

The NOAA Restoration Center is pleased to announce funding available in 2003

to implement grass roots habitat restoration projects that will benefit

living marine resources, including anadromous fish, under the NOAA

Community-based Restoration Program (CRP). Below please find the Federal

Register Notice that was published Thursday January 2, 2003. The Notice

contains a description of the program, all application instructions, and the

criteria against which applications will be evaluated. Applications must

be postmarked by March 3, 2003.

A copy of the Notice and all the necessary standard NOAA grants application

forms, as well as supplemental information specifically tailored to the CRP

are available on the NOAA Restoration Center web page at: Look under "funding

opportunities" or under the "Community-based Restoration Program" section.

Typical project awards will range from $50,000 to $200,000 this year;

requests for over $250,000 will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Daphne Macfarlan

at (727)570-5391 x276 or Please feel free to

circulate the attached notice to others that may be interested.

[Federal Register: January 2, 2003 (Volume 68, Number 1)]


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

[Docket No. 001206342-2305-03; I.D. 102802A]

RIN 0648-ZB00

Financial Assistance for Community-based Habitat Restoration Projects

AGENCY: NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries)

ACTION: Notice of availability of funds.

SUMMARY: The purpose of this document is to invite the public to submit

proposals for available funding to implement grass-roots habitat restoration

projects that will benefit living marine resources, including anadromous

fish, under the NOAA Community-based Restoration Program (CRP). This

document describes the conditions under which applications (project

proposals) will be accepted under the CRP, and describes criteria under

which applications will be evaluated for funding consideration.

Projects funded through the CRP will be expected to have strong

on-the-ground habitat restoration components that provide educational and

social benefits for people and their communities in addition to long-term

ecological habitat improvements for NOAA trust resources. Proposals selected

for funding through this solicitation will be implemented through a project

grant, cooperative agreement, or interagency transfer.

DATES: Applications for funding under the CRP will be accepted upon

publication of this document in the Federal Register and must be received by

or postmarked by March 3, 2003. Applications received or postmarked after

that time will not be considered for funding. Applications submitted via

the U.S. Postal Service must have an official postmark; private metered

postmarks are not acceptable. Applications delivered by a delivery service

after the postmark date will be accepted for review if the applicant can

document that the application was provided to the delivery service on or

prior to the specified postmark cut-off date. In any event, applications

received later than 15 business days following the closing date will not be

accepted. No facsimile or electronic mail applications will be accepted.

ADDRESSES: Send applications to:

Christopher D. Doley, Director

NOAA Restoration Center

National Marine Fisheries Service

1315 East West Highway (F/HC3)

Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282

ATTN: CRP Project Applications.


Robin J. Bruckner or Alison Ward

Tel: (301) 713-0174

E-mail: <> or <Alison.Ward at>


I. Program Description

The CRP, a financial and technical Federal assistance program, promotes

strong partnerships at the national, regional and local level to fund

grass-roots, community-based activities that restore living marine resources

and their habitats and promote stewardship and a conservation ethic for NOAA

trust resources. NOAA trust resources are living marine resources that

include commercial and recreational fishery resources (marine fish and

shellfish and their habitats); anadromous species (fish, such as salmon and

striped bass that spawn in freshwater and then migrate to the sea);

endangered and threatened marine species and their habitats; marine mammals,

turtles, and their habitats; marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reefs,

and other coastal habitats; and resources associated with National Marine

Sanctuaries and National Estuarine Research Reserves. Habitats in the Great

Lakes region are not covered by this solicitation.

The CRP's objective is to bring together citizen groups, public and

nonprofit organizations, watershed groups, industry, corporations and

businesses, youth conservation corps, students, landowners, academics, and

local government, state, and Federal agencies to cooperatively implement

habitat restoration projects. Partnerships developed at national, regional

and local levels contribute funding, land, technical assistance, workforce

support or other in-kind services to promote citizen participation in the

improvement of locally important living marine resources, as well as develop

local stewardship and monitoring activities to sustain and evaluate the

success of the restoration.

The CRP recognizes the significant role that communities can play in habitat

restoration, and acknowledges that habitat restoration is often best

implemented through technical and monetary support provided at a community

level. Community-based restoration projects supported by the CRP are

successful because they have significant local backing, depend upon citizens

hands-on involvement, and typically involve NOAA technical assistance or

oversight. The role of NOAA in the CRP is to help identify potential

restoration projects, strengthen the development and implementation of sound

restoration projects and science-based monitoring of such projects within

communities, and develop long-term, ongoing national and regional

partnerships to support community-based restoration efforts of living marine

resource habitats across a wide geographic area. For more information on the

CRP, see Electronic Access.
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