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Crail, Todd (
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:54:04 -0500

I've been meaning to ask this for awhile...

How does one aquire their own "Dave Neely"? :)

Speaking of networking... I was up at Tropicorium Saturday, which is a big
green house that farms coral under the Southeast Michigan sun (nah there isn't
enough solar energy in Ohio and Michigan to make it worth putting pannels up
everywhere ;).

We were listening to this guy talk about eagle counts and whatnot. So my
friend (who works for the Nature Conservancy) mentioned that we're trying to
restore enough wetland here to get eagle nest sites etc. We talk a bit more,
the fella is the Wildlife Habitat Specialist for Detroit Edison (I guess
that's how they justify their nuclear reactors heh) and does public wildlife
education and whatnot. He mentioned that he had a vivarium with native fish
and herps, which of course, I was all over that. Then I said "How'd you like
to put some more interesting critters in there than bluegill and bass?"

He lit up like a Christmas tree... "I have all the permits and stuff, just
don't know where to go." Oh... there's a NANFA Michigan trip in there
somewhere, huh boys? :)

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From: Bruce Stallsmith

Yeah, I've done the sampling from canoe. But it involved an electroshocker
operated by Dave Neely. We hit a swampy former oxbow of the Black Warrier
River downstream from Tuscaloosa. In 2 hours of shocking we found about 30
species, including some big bowfins.
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