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Ken Wintin (
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:03:29 -0700

Uh, Moon,
I often don't agree with you 100%, but find that you seem to think things
out somewhat(well most of the time), and would like the contact information
for the boob who accused you. I would never call anyone a jerk on this
list, but........I can THINK it. I have found that it is almost always
foolish to make remarks about another's opinions. If quoting someone's
remarks is not convincing enough, the less-than-honest often "paraphrase"
them or claim to know their opinions. An old media trick, that. Since most
of us are neither gods nor possessed of major esp powers, I think that I can
honestly state that to claim to know another's "opinion" is usually
A printed quote of the "chief's" comments would help, as well.

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I have just been accused of having the
opinion....................................................I know all you
guys will
speak up for me on this, right?

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