NANFA-- well, wasn't that fun.

Todd Crail (
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 21:38:29 -0500

With the passing of a flexible work environment, so comes the passing of a
native tank in a cubeland. Today was the move home. It may have seemed it
might be a horrible experience (carrying buckets of water and wet sand
almost 1/8 mile was no daisy), but after having moved a 125 gal reef twice,
this was kid's stuff.

The tank is all set up again, now behind me in the computer room. It's
kinda nice to have an aquarium in here again. I really missed the 75 gal
reef in here. The tank is still pretty cloudy from the carbonate sand, but
I'm trying a new thing with that... A friend suggested using egg whites to
work as a flocculating (sp?) agent. That is to say, "the egg whites get all
tangled up with the stuff". It seems to be working quite well. There's a
considerable amount of improvement in the last hour. Pretty nifty. I'd
normally be scared of this, but the sandbed offers a considerable amount of

And about that sandbed... I didn't catch a whiff of sulfide when I went
about moving it (it's still sorta early, I know ;), and the jungle val that
I'd put in there 3 weeks ago had 4-5" roots (they were stubs when I'd got
them) and I've never seen that before. They usually die on me with such
short roots. It's prolly just me that prevents them from growing, but it
seems I've gotten that figured out (what, I'm not sure) or they really love
the sand hehheh. Runners appeared to have begun this week as they've gotten
established. There were about 10 or so getting going. I was pretty excited
about that. So everything so far is going as planned. And such cheap
substrate! $2 a 25lb bag at Home Depot. You can't beat that anywhere. Of
course the carbonate sand and flourite I added to it wasn't all that
cheap... But you know.. :)

Had one near miss. A redside dace decided to take the "great carpet ride
into the sky (tm)". Fortunately, we have hardwood floors and the fabric
wasn't there to suck out all it's moisture, as would normally happen. It
was pretty dry when I discovered him tho... I was suprised he revived when I
"swam" him. Hopefully, I don't have a big cotton ball for a dace when I
return home on Sunday.

It appears an orangespot is fanning a bed now. Oh I love territory changes.

Okay. I think I'm going to do something more beneficial now, like sleep.
I've been cutting trees the last two days (treeslayin' treehugger! man I
love prairie restoration ;) and I've got a full day of it tomorrow. All
this physcial work should get rid of my desk gut and desk butt. But man I'm
sore heh.

Nighty night all :)

I hope you know that this will go down on your permenant record.
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