Re: NANFA-- trout-perch/redside dace

Mark (
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:15:47 -0500

At 9:45 PM -0500 1/18/03, wrote:
>Does the redside dace need to have a cold water environment? My basement is
>60 now and may reach low seventies in summer. I noticed that whereever I
>have seen the redside in the past, I remember the water being very
>cold...even in summer. I think it was frequently found with the sculpin.
>What would be other possible tankmates for the redside dace?

Yeah, I agree with Ray. They live in streams that can get warm in the
summer. They do prefer good quality streams, though. And those tend to be
cooler because there is lots of tree cover along their banks and
watersheds. That's what you call a good riparian zone. Anyway, I have
kept them at room temperature successfully. They will need to eat more.
And, again, yopu need to get them acclimated first. I think if you avoid
collecting in the high heat of summer, you will do better. Also, be ready
with an antibiotic if they show any signs of fin erosion or whote patches
on the fins, skin or mouth. I use tetracycline. If you do get them from
cold water, warm them slowly to room temp or they will die. I mean as
slowly as possible. A day or more. Fill a tank with cold water of the
same temp, put in the fish, and let it warm just from being in the room. I
know Geoff had trouble with his stonerollers that way, but there are always
unpredictable variables.

As far as tankmates, most other minnows would be OK. Smaller madtoms, like
miurus and gyrinus. Dwarf sunfish like Enneacanthus and L symmetricus.
Any sucker. Agressively feeding darters. Anything that won't try to eat
the minnows and will be able to get enough food in their company. A small
sculpin would be OK, until it got big enough to catch the dace. You would
also have to supply smaller minnows or something for the sculpin to eat.

Do you want to do a biotope or just a mixture of interesting species from

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