NANFA-- General House (tank) Keeping Question

Ty Hall (
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 10:36:30 -0600

I'd like to get a concensus on something from all of you. As I have
stated I am now the owner of a small pet store. As part of this I have
18 tanks set up for freshwater fish, containing a basic selection of
common tropicals. Additionally, each tank has it's own filtration
system. I have run close to this many tanks at home, but am experiencing
problems with ICK, in the store. This gets compounded by the constant
influx of new fish and the sharing of nets and other items across all of
the tanks. How can I properly prevent the spreading of disease from one
tank to another? Using seperate nets and such is not an option. Should I
have a rinse bucket for my nets, where I can disinfect my nets between
uses? If so, what should I use in this bucket? I have heard that using a
heavy salt solution works, but have had mixed results. I also want to
keep from adding this salt or other disinfectant back into my tanks, or
passing medication from one tank to another. Any tips? I know many of
you have been in the trade and most of you keep multiple tanks, so I'm
hoping I can get some good tips.

While I feel this type of info would be helpful to everyone on the list,
please feel free to reply off list, if you disagree.

Thanks for any assistance.

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