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Jeremy Tiemann (
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:29:21 -0600

When I worked at a sockeye salmon hatchery in AK, we had to rinse our
rain gear, nets, etc. off in a betadine solution before working with
the next raceway (sockeye are very susceptible to diseases). I do not
know if this is an option, but you might see about a small bucket
filled with betadine to keep your nets and re-dip between tanks (and
then rinse them off with tap water before dipping into a tank). Just
a thought.


>I'd like to get a concensus on something from all of you. As I have
>stated I am now the owner of a small pet store. As part of this I have
>18 tanks set up for freshwater fish, containing a basic selection of
>common tropicals. Additionally, each tank has it's own filtration
>system. I have run close to this many tanks at home, but am experiencing
>problems with ICK, in the store. This gets compounded by the constant
>influx of new fish and the sharing of nets and other items across all of
>the tanks. How can I properly prevent the spreading of disease from one
>tank to another? Using seperate nets and such is not an option. Should I
>have a rinse bucket for my nets, where I can disinfect my nets between
>uses? If so, what should I use in this bucket? I have heard that using a
>heavy salt solution works, but have had mixed results. I also want to
>keep from adding this salt or other disinfectant back into my tanks, or
>passing medication from one tank to another. Any tips? I know many of
>you have been in the trade and most of you keep multiple tanks, so I'm
>hoping I can get some good tips.
>While I feel this type of info would be helpful to everyone on the list,
>please feel free to reply off list, if you disagree.
>Thanks for any assistance.

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