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Mark (
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:55:51 -0500

At 2:46 PM -0500 1/19/03, wrote:
>Getting cabin fever, as soon as ice is out I plan on seining to fill the
> least a little at a time. I am aware of the techniques using
>five gallon buckets, letting the fish acclimate over night and even doing
>partiall water changes until temps are within a few degrees...but other than
>that is there any reason not to collect during cold weather? Will it be
>impossible to keep the fish alive if they undergo a 25 degree change in temp
>over a two or three day period? Has anyone attempted this before?

The only reason not to collect in cold weather is that if you fall, you
will be very cold very quick and your water-filled waders might take you
downstream. So, if you need a collecting buddy, let me know. I need an
excuse to get out! Maybe we could make it a mini NANFA outing and invite
some of these other guys. I think I have made that kind of temp change
before. Sunfish will tolerate it better than darters, minnows or sculpins.
You need to maintain heavy aeration. I use a powerhead with a venturi
aerator. But that also adds heat. You just have to expect that the fish
are going to be stressed for a week or so until their bodies adjust to the
warm water. Get extras, because some will die. If it's in the basement,
open a window and keep things cooler for a while.

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