Re: NANFA-- stick glued to a rock???

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 16:13:45 -0600

I agree with Moon. I have used "wild wood" from the water for years. I did
nothing to cure or clean the wood and have had no problems. Other than
hydras, which can show up from other sources. Some of the types of hydras
were really neat, resembling the bristle worms of the seas. They had short
thick stalks with bushy tentacles that would suck in the tube when they were
disturbed. They lived for years on the wood and never hurt fry, I don't even
think they fed on baby brine shrimp as the true hydra does. They then
disappeared without a trace. As far as introducing things to aquariums, I
had tubifex worms appear in an oscar tank that was fed freeze dried tubifex
worms. They looked more like black worms, but who knows what kind worms go
in the them cubes. In other words, instead of worry about sterile tanks,
other than hosptiable tanks, just keep the water changes going and all
should work out greater than can be expected. For as many bad things that
can come in on wild "caught" decorations, as many if not more neat things
can show up.

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