NANFA-- RE: "I love you" messages/epidemiology

m c (
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 20:04:13 -0800 (PST)

Technically, Most of that was lust. At least in cases
of virulent or distructive diseases.

For example, part of the rapid spread of HIV in the
early 1980s was traced by epidemiologists to 1
bi-sexual fight attendent who some how managed to
racked up 400+ "encounters" in 1 year.

Mind you, by spread I mean not "increase in number of
cases" but rather "increase in geographical area of
high infection density in 'paticularly at risk

Also, not every encounter resulted in infection, at
least some of those encounters were with persons who
likely were already infected, and this guy was of
course not the only vector.

The moral being, if you intend to engage in "lustful"
behavior, take protective steps.

The same goes with email. Or buying fish at a shop
you don't know....(see how I made it 'on topic")

--- Bob Bock <> wrote:
> It wouldn't be the first virus spread by love.
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